General Terms and Conditions for give-a-ways and contests.

These general terms and conditions have been drawn up on July 7nd 2017, in part because I am legally bound to do so but mostly I do it for you. It is my way of giving you a guarantee of fairness when it comes to my contests and give-a-ways.


1. These general terms and conditions are applicable to any and all contests and give-a-ways organized by EnChantalled. These can be announced on any of the websites, the newsletter, any of EnChantalled’s social media outing or any third party websites.
2. These general terms and conditions can be subjected to change at any time but never while a contest or give-a-way is in effect.
3. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social-media companies are in no way affiliated with EnChantalled even when a contest or giva-a-way is held or promoted on any of their platforms.


1. Yay, everyone is allowed to participate! Just remember: If you are underage you must ask permission from your parents. You have my blessing to participate.
2. The rules are different for each contest or give-a-way. These will be explained in detail with each contest and give-a-way.
3. The winner of each contest will be chosen randomly. All contestants have an equal chance even if you have participated or won on any previously held contest.
4. Are you a winner? You will be notified through my blog, an email to you or by tagging you on any of the relevant social media platforms.
5. I will publish the names of the winner or winners to the other contestants on the blog, newsletter and or Social Media.
6. Any winners will have to respond within 7 days. Otherwise I will be obliged to pick another winner.
7. To prove to all the other contestants I truly send the prizes to the winners, winners must send me a picture of themselves with the prize. I will post this picture on my Social Media, website and / or newsletter. When you participate on any contest or give-a-way you agree with this condition.
8. Any chosen winner or winners are set in stone. Moehahaha. There will be no negotiation on the matter.
9. If you have a complaint or a compliment, let me know on

A contest or give-a-way will be terminated prematurely:

1. Because of technical difficulties.
2. Legal reasons.
* I will do all I can to inform all contestants if the contest or give-a-way is terminated but I am not legally bound to do and it is possible I am in no condition to do so.


1. I only ask for your adress via e-mail so I can send the prize to you in case you win and to ask you once if you would like to be an EnChantalled V.I.P. member, so you can get the newsletter with all the nice extra’s that entails.
2. If the contest of give-a-way is hosted on a Social Media platform I will tag the winner and ask him or her to send me his or her adress via e-mail or a personal Facebook message.

Have fun participating!!!

With kind regards,